B-day Party

ALL parties are on hold right now due to COVID and space restrictions.

You can have your birthday party here at the Glaze!

(Whether a child or an adult!)

Children parties:  Cost is $18/ child. Each child has their choice of an animal, cereal bowl, shaped tile, small plate or mug to paint to their liking!

We will discuss paint colors at the time of confirmation.

Their is a choice of pastels, primary colors or a mix.

Adults present are also welcome to paint off the Birthday cart at the same price!

Adults NOT painting will be charged a $6 studio fee.

(Excluding the birthday child’s parents)

Parties usually last for about 2 hours. (max of 3 hours)

You are welcome to bring cake, food and gifts here.

Call 603-355-2500 to book your child’s party today!

Adult Birthday Parties: Traditionally adults celebrating a birthday at the Glaze have invited their friends and family.

Each person picks off the shelf and each individual covers their own cost.

There are so many options though… so please don’t hesitate to ask!